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Ireland’s Most Popular CBD Vape Oil in 2021

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, has become available in a variety of forms in recent years. It has gone beyond breaking a plant down and smoking it. In today’s time, there are more creative ways to obtain the benefits of your CBD.

One of the most popular options that fall under the CBD product category is vape oil.

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What is Harmony Vape Oil?

These carefully crafted oils, also known as E-liquids, are added to vape pens or pods and provide a convenient way to obtain CBD’s many benefits. Harmony takes pride in creating vape oil and pens that are user friendly, no matter your experience in the vaping world.

One perk is that Harmony’s vape oil and pods are small enough to fit your pants pocket while on the go and strong enough to increase your wellness and fulfill your needs.

Why Do People Choose Harmony Vape Oils?

Searching for the best CBD vape oil can be a complicated process.

The love people have for Harmony’s Vape Oils goes beyond the provided benefits. Customers have confidence in Harmony Vape oils because of their proven product research. Harmony addresses the safety of vaping on its website; thus, buyers can assure that this company is transparent and thorough.

Types of Harmony CBD Vape Oils

Harmony understands that everyone is different, and because of this, they have created a variety of CBD vape oils, 15 to be exact. No matter the customer’s preference, they are sure to find the right fit for their needs.

Baked Custard CBD Vape Oil

This yummy vape oil is for customers looking for something to satisfy their needs while adding great vaping flavor. Baked Custard, similar to all of Harmony’s Vape Oils, is a quality controlled product free from THC and Nicotine.

You can be sure to enjoy CBD’s benefits without any unwanted “high” feelings. We often recommend Baked Custard to others who enjoy vaping with long-lasting delicious flavors.

OG Kush

The affordable price might seem like there’s a catch, but OG Kush gets rave reviews from customers’. The taste of the commonly requested OG Kush meets CBD with several different strength options minus the THC.

These strength options are the same for all of Harmony’s CBD vape oils and range between 30ml and 600 ml of CBD. Customers can’t get enough of this product and its original Kush flavor. This product will help you feel relaxed while still being able to focus throughout the day.
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Pineapple Express

All aboard the Pineapple Express! This fruitful flavor is a combination of pineapple and mango, making up a popular cannabis flavor known worldwide. These sweet flavors are based on terpenes, which currently ensures the safety of the added flavors.

We are calling the pineapple express a one of a kind. Don’t miss this express train and its affordable price tag.
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Critical Mala

This new E-liquid’s sweet, organic aroma is in high demand, and its terpenes are to thank for that. Increasing the flavor, scent, and color of Critical Mala, the terpenes intertwine perfectly with CBD to create an excellent vaping experience.

Despite being new to the catalog, we have placed Critical Mala very high in the ranks.
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Exodus Cheese

This flavored vape oil is very similar to the widespread hybrid plant Exodus Cheese. You can enjoy the familiar taste while reaping a variety of benefits.

The tangy and spicy terpene profile is what makes this product a must-have for some. Exodus Cheese may be an excellent choice for those who aren’t big fans of sweet flavors.
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New York Diesel

Harmony offers a robust flavor that may remind customers of the cannabis strain Sour Diesel in this vape oil. The New York Diesel vape oil will provide a unique experience without alcohol or THC additives.

This grapefruit and lime CBD vape oil will add a distinct flavor to your vaping experience. Harmony’s customers have reviewed this product, expressing that it’s the most subtle flavor out of all other Harmony flavors.
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Super Lemon Haze

Harmony has duplicated this flavor from an award-winning cannabis strain that gives a refreshing smell of lemon. This fruity citrus vape oil fills the bottle with high-quality CBD.

Super Lemon Haze is often the first try for consumers, marking their foray into a tasteful vaping experience
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Kiwi Skunk

With its fruity kick in every pull, Kiwi Skunk is among the catalog’s best vape oils.

This oil was created to allow Harmony’s vaping customers to indulge in the taste of the world-class cannabis strain it’s named after.
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Other CBD Vape Oil Flavours

Mango Kush

If you love mangos, this CBD vape oil is perfect for your vaping experience. This delicious flavour presents different fruit undertones that add a summertime feeling when vaping with this oil.

Use Mango Kush with any electric cigarette and receive all the beneficial CBD aspects that Harmony provides in their products.

Gourmet Tobacco

Gourmet Tobacco is the perfect flavor for people who are having trouble breaking away from cigarettes.

With this Harmony vape oil, you can enjoy smoking with fewer chemicals. While vaping with this flavor, you’ll notice the positive benefits of CBD and possibly find a replacement for your daily cigarette intake.
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Original Hemp

If you’re searching for simplicity in vaping flavors, then you’ve found it. Original hemp’s cool forest taste doesn’t carry the “got to have it” hype of other extravagant flavors.

We enjoy occasionally using original hemp to detach from all the exotic flavors. This vape oil still delivers the desired amount of CBD despite its simple taste.
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Moroccan Mint

Moroccan Mint keeps a cool icy taste in your mouth throughout your vaping sessions.
We enjoy this vape oil because of its simplistic yet very relaxing flavor—this Harmony product leans towards a specific audience.

If you enjoy a minty tea or chewing mint flavor gum often, this may be a great place to start when picking out your vaping oil.
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Wild Strawberry

This fantastic flavor is excellent for people who may be new to vaping. This not-too-sweet strawberry taste is undeniable. The feedback on this vape oil is remarkable, with its 4.5 out of 5-star rating and overly satisfied customer reviews.

Wild Strawberry is on our list of prime recommendations.
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CBD Pure Base

CBD Pure Base is a great additive for any of the options on this list. This oil can give the CBD vape oil of your choice an extra boost if it’s not as strong as expected.

Instead of going back and forth, trying to find the right CBD strength, keep the CBD pure base handy to adjust your strength accordingly. This item adds a massive amount of convenience for buyers who don’t know their correct personal CBD strength.

Join many others in using these Harmony CBD vape oils and experience the benefits. Try out their variety of products until you find the right fit for you and your vaping needs.
Check out all of Harmony’s CBD vape oil choices mentioned in this article.
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