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Best CBD Oil Deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday in 2021

what you can buy this year in the cbd sales

It’s finally here! Get the best CBD oil Black Friday deals available Ireland here at CBD Nerd. As of right now Dr. Hemp Me have provided us with an insider look at their planned sale for Black Friday Week, so we have listed the upcoming discounts below.

Black Friday for Dr. Hemp Me opens on Sunday 21st November and will close at midnight on Cyber Monday the 29th of November. This gives you a whole week to get your orders in and get major discounts but don’t wait too long as the offers only stand while stocks last.

Sale Coming Soon...

Right now here are the best deals for Irish CBD Oil:

Product Name Deal - Black Friday Visit ShopProduct Image
30% CBD Oil - Dr. Hemp Me Buy 1 Get 1 Free SHOP NOWcbd oil tincture for the body and mind 30%
20% CBD Oil - Dr. Hemp Me Buy 1 Get 1 Free SHOP NOWcbd oils with vitamins and minerals 20%
10% CBD Oil - Dr. Hemp Me Buy 1 Get 1 Free SHOP NOWcbd food supplement for body and mind 10%
CBD Fruit Gummies Dr. Hemp Me Buy 1 Get 1 Free SHOP NOWcbd gummies fruit food supplement
CBD Oil for Pets Dr. Hemp Me Buy 1 Get 1 Free SHOP NOWcbd for pets dogs and cats level 2.5%

CBD Oil 30% – Full Spectrum

This is the most potent CBD oil strength available before a CBD user must switch to CBD Paste. When hemp extract reaches a certain percentage strength or potency it begins to solidify within the hemp seed oil or MCT oil in which it is held.

For this reason Dr. Hemp Me created the 3000mg full-spectrum option. This extract is at the highest strength it can be without solidifying so you can enjoy the natural relief of hemp cannabinoids like CBD.  After this strength the brand moves from CBD oil to CBD Paste to house the highest possible extract strengths. the high strength product for pain and inflammation


This oil is ideal for people looking to alleviate chronic pain or inflammation in the body. Research studies and anecdotal evidence point to high potency CBD as a necessity when supplementing for pain or inflammation.

CBD Oil 20% – Full Spectrum

An excellent source of Cannabidiol, this quality hemp oil is ideal for inflammation in the body also. If you are newer to CBD you may want to start low than the highest strength available so this is perfect. It’s useful for migraine and even for general wellbeing too.

dr hemp me cannabidiol 20% level supplement


Just two to three drops per day in one single dose means this 10ml bottle, although appearing small, will last for quite some time. The price is expensive so there is no better time than Black Friday to get a massive bargain on this sought after oil.

CBD Oil 10% – Full Spectrum

In my experience with CBD this is the most all-rounded oil you can find in the full-spectrum category. Enjoy the benefits of a potent yet not too high a strength oil for men or women. Lower strength CBD oils are perfect for health concerns related to the mind. So if you find you have anxiety or have increased responses to stress then this option could be the one for you.

dr hemp me 10% hemp seed carrier oil cbd food diet


Sleep is another reason why you may use this strength of Cannabidiol supplement. 1000mg is not too high and not too low for sleep regulation. It works to interact with the body’s system called the Endocannabinoid System and take effect when you sleep. Low doses work better for the above health concerns as CBD is biphasic. This basically means that different doses produce different results.

CBD Fruity Gummies

Gummies or jellies infused with CBD cannabinoids are ideal for so many people and various reasons. First they are just really handy to carry with you and easy to take at any time of the day. Simply pop one or two of these in your mouth, chew as normal and swallow.



They are really sweet, just like a normal fruity jelly but there is a little aftertaste of hemp. This shows you just how much (15mg per one) CBD actually is in each one and how much you are supplementing your body with in each dose. CBD is broken down in this method however as it must pass through the digestive system but you still get the effects of a portion of each 15mg.

CBD Oil for Pets

This Black Friday I intend to stock up on Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD oil for pets as it really does help my animals out when they’re feeling anxious. With COVID restrictions lifted the dogs really feel the stress of separation from owners and hemp extract is known for working within an animal’s Endocannabinoid System as much as a human’s.



Drop the recommended dose written on the bottle, and depending on your dog’s weight, into their main meal and mix it up so they can’t taste anything. This will pass through their digestive system and then release into the body where it will work to promote the wellbeing of your pet.

Benefits of Using CBD Oil

There are so many potential health benefits to taking CBD supplements every day. The addition of CBD cannabinoids to a balanced diet means you are supplementing your Endocannabinoid System which scientists have proven controls your sleep, mood, stress responses and metabolism among other areas.

It’s easy to add Cannabidiol (CBD) to your daily routine, either through drops of CBD oil under your tongue once per day or through snacking on CBD Gummies. Thankfully brands like Dr. Hemp Me CBD also specialise in cannabis oil for pets. Dogs and cats can have CBD oil added to their treats or daily meals to benefit from the natural effects of hemp extract.

How Best to Take CBD Oil

The way in which you decide to use CBD oil on a daily basis is completely up to you. The fastest method of absorption is CBD oil itself in the form of drops. These are dropped under the tongue and are absorbed sublingually (via the gums & into the bloodstream). For those with anxiety, stress problems or sleep issues I find CBD drops the best method for those concerns.

You can also use CBD Gummies which are fruit flavoured jellies infused with hemp extract (CBD). This option contains no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) at all whereas CBD oil contains trace amounts – 0.2% or less. If you undergo regular drug testing for work or you’re sensitive to taste then it may be best to opt for edibles like CBD Gummies which you can take up to 2 per day.

Whatever you choose there is a deal for you this Black Friday on our dedicated list above, keep an eye out for updates!

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