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CBD Oil Ireland | Review of Dr. Hemp Me CBD Oil

Dr. Hemp Me, Ireland’s biggest CBD brand, offers a wide variety of high-quality cannabidiol products for people and even animals! – from every walk of life. All of their CBD products are tested periodically by an independent lab research facility to ensure it is safe and good for your health. Dr. Hemp Me’s primary focus is quality CBD oil backed up with transparency. For this reason each lab test for each CBD product can be found on there product pages.


By far the most popular product amongst all the CBD oil products is CBD oil.

1. 40% CBD Oil

Dr. Hemp Me recently created their most potent oil yet, the 40% CBD option. This choice is for people who want an even more potent oil or have a high tolerance for the products.

The quality of this oil is just as high as the other options, and it gives you that extra boost you may need. Of course, a higher CBD concentration comes at a higher price, but it is worth it if you need more potency.

The oil may start to solidify because of the large amount of CBD, but you can quickly bring it back to liquid form by putting the bottle in water for just one minute.


  1. Contains the largest concentration of CBD oil
  2. Perfect for users with a high tolerance
  3. Most potent effects


  1. This oil has the strongest taste

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2. 20% CBD Oil

For CBD users with a higher tolerance, the 20% oil is a favorite. The company calls this option a “super dose,” as the concentration is higher, and the effects are noticeable right away.

Like the lower concentration oils, it is easy to get a more substantial effect. Also, with 20% concentration and Dr. Hemp Me’s entourage effect, the absorption is almost immediate. If you are looking for something a bit stronger that may help with anxiety, pain, or inflammation, the 20% oil may be your answer.

However, if you are new to CBD, this is probably not your ideal oil. Also, the taste is stronger because of the higher concentration.


  1. Considered the super dose of CBD oil
  2. Ideal for people looking for a more potent dose
  3. Quick effects


  1. Strong hemp taste

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3. 10% CBD Oil

If 5% of CBD is too weak for you, 10% might be a better choice. While still using a lower concentration, this oil is a more potent option for new CBD users.

Even at 10%, you can feel the effects almost immediately. Because of the efficiency, low concentration, and affordable price, this is Dr. Hemp Me’s most popular CBD oil.

While the taste of the oil is stronger than the 5% option, the potency and low price still make this a great choice. Make sure to start with smaller doses and work your way up, as it is easy to get an intense effect with a few too many drops.


  1. Another good option for beginners
  2. Low concentration and high potency
  3. Reasonable price


  1. Stronger taste than the 5%

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4. 5% CBD Oil

If you are new to CBD oil, the 5% Cannabis Oil Extract is a perfect option. This bottle contains the lowest concentration of oil that Dr. Hemp Me offers, and as far as benefits go, it may help give you a pain-free start to your day or calm your nerves before going to bed.

Even at a 5% concentration, you will feel the effects quickly. A serving is eight drops a day, but you start slow and increase the number of drops by one each week to up the dosage.

The only downside to this particular oil is that it is not as potent as other oil options since it has the lowest concentration. As such, this is the ideal beginner oil.


  1. An excellent choice for anyone who’s never tried CBD oil before
  2. Kicks in quickly
  3. Great for people who prefer lower doses


  1. Not as potent as some other options

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Edible CBD Products

If you don’t want the strong taste of CBD oil but still would like edible products for help with pain and anxiety, Dr. Hemp Me has several options that don’t have an overbearing hemp taste.

1. CBD Paste 40-80%

If the 40% CBD oil just isn’t strong enough for you, Dr. Hemp Me offers edible paste that has up to 80% CBD. Since the oil starts to solidify at 40% concentration, anything higher must be in a paste form.

You can choose from a 40%, 70% or 80% paste in a 5mL or 10mL container. Because of the extreme concentration, you only need a tiny drop to feel the full effects of the paste. Without the added carrier used in the liquid form, the paste gives you an extremely pure form of CBD.

In addition to CBD, the paste comes with Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 Fatty Acids to give your body an extra boost.


  1. Choose your concentration
  2. Paste has fatty acids for added benefits
  3. Has a pure form of CBD


  1. The higher the concentration, the higher the cost

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2. Hempture CBD Coffee

For all you coffee lovers, this Irish CBD coffee is a delicious combination of caffeine and Cannabidiol. It can give you a boost of energy and still keep you calm while you complete your day’s tasks.

Each bag has 200g of pre-ground Arabica Coffee, which gives about 100 servings. Each serving has 3mg of CBD for a nice calming effect.

While this product, like all others from Dr. Hemp Me, is not psychotropic, is it only for adults over 18. As long as you follow the directions for consumption, this is a wonderful twist on your traditional morning coffee.


  1. 3mg of CBD in each serving
  2. Not psychotropic
  3. Boost of caffeine and calming effects of CBD


  1. Only for users 18 and older

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3. CBD Gummies

One of the most delicious ways to consume CBD is through fruit gummies. Dr. Hemp Me offers two different flavors of gummies: strawberry and fruit jellies. Each container has 750 mg or 30 gummies to last a month.

They come in fun shapes that adults and children alike will enjoy. They contain fruit juice and natural flavors and are gluten-free. The low amount of CBD combined with mouth-watering flavors makes for a perfect product for anyone who does not want the taste of hemp but still wants the calming effects.


  1. Gluten-free
  2. Suitable for adults and children
  3. No hemp taste


  1. Only 30 gummies in each container

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4. CBD Capsules

Another easy way to ingest CBD without the hassle of measuring or fighting through the hemp taste is by swallowing capsules. These are just like any other dietary supplement and are simple to take.

The capsules contain 10% CBD and CBDa. In each pill, you will receive 10mg of Cannabidiol for quick and strong results.

These are some of the more popular CBD products because they don’t have the taste or the complexity of use. Just take a capsule, and you will see the results soon. For people wary of CBD products or those who just don’t like the taste, this is a great option.


  1. No hemp taste
  2. No hassle of measuring oil
  3. 10mg of CBD in each capsule


  1. Might take longer to feel effects

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CBD Starter Kits

Dr. Hemp Me has products for everyone. If you are new to CBD and are not sure where to start, you can choose between two essential starter packs.

1. Basic Starter Pack

This beginner’s kit includes some of the lowest-concentration CBD products. It comes with one container of 30 gummies and a 5% concentration oil. You can choose between strawberry or fruit jellies, and this whole package is an incredible money saver.

The oil alone costs €34.95, and the gummies sell for €39.95. If you buy this starter kit, you will be saving about €15


  1. Cost-effective
  2. Try two great CBD products
  3. Great for new CBD users


  1. Not for people who already have a tolerance for CBD or need higher concentrations

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2. Ultimate Starter Pack

Another excellent kit for beginners is the Ultimate Starter Pack, which includes some slightly higher potency products. With this kit, you get a bottle of the 10% CBD oil and a container of Hemp Cream.

If bought individually, these products cost a total of €152. However, if you buy this package, you will save about €32.


  1. Ideal for beginners
  2. Affordable
  3. Products are slightly more potent than the basic starter pack


  1. Not for complete beginners

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Cannbidiol Skin Cream

Not all CBD products are for consumption. If you have an injury or arthritis, CBD skin cream from Ireland may offer that all-natural relief you so desire.

1. CBD Organic Skin Cream

Even though Dr. Hemp Me only offers one skin cream, it is one of the best in Ireland. The combination of CBD and essential oils in the cream can give your skin the calming effect it needs while replenishing your skin’s nutrients.

The high concentration of CBD in the cream means that you only have to apply a little dollop. This 100mL container will last you a long time.


  1. Long-lasting
  2. Contains essential oils
  3. A high concentration of CBD


  1. Easy to use too much

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Something for Your Furry Friends

Humans aren’t the only ones that can enjoy the potential benefits of CBD oil Ireland. Many animals suffer from anxiety and behavioral disorders, and a natural remedy could be a great option for them.

1. CBD for Pets

Because animals have an endocannabinoid system just like us, you can help relieve your pet’s anxiety or pain with a low concentration CBD product.

Dr. Hemp Me offers a very affordable 3% full-spectrum CBD oil with plenty of benefits for your cats and dogs. Use 2-4 drops for animals below 20 pounds, 4-8 drops for those weighing 20-50 pounds, and ten drops for animals over 50 pounds.

You can either put the oil in their food or directly in their mouth with a dropper. The only possible side-effect is lethargy, so monitor your animal to see if you need to lower the dosage. Otherwise, this product is entirely safe for your furry friends.


  1. Affordable
  2. Low CBD concentration suitable for animals
  3. Easy to administer


  1. Possible lethargy

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil

One of the reasons their high-quality products are so popular is because the company uses the entourage effect. This term refers to utilizing the whole hemp plant for more efficiency and potency. In the hemp plant there is over 100 cannabinoids which include, CBD, CBG, CBN & CBDa to name a few. When all are combined along with the terpenes in the plant this is called ‘Full SPectrum’.

CBD Oil in Ireland

Many people in Ireland opt for oils, which can be placed directly under the tongue for a quick and direct effect. Dr. Hemp Me offers multiple oils with varying CBD levels for people looking for a soft touch or a more powerful feeling.

Is CBD oil legal in Ireland?

Yes CBD oil is legal in Ireland once it comes from the cannabis strain hemp. Our cannabis strains contain high amounts of THC and it is this cannabinoid that is illegal to consume and sell in Ireland.

Can you travel to Ireland with CBD?

Yes CBD is fine to take to Ireland as it is legal to consume and sell as a food supplement once the oil is derived from hemp.

How long does it take for CBD oil to work?

This depends on the person. Everyone person has a different tolerance level. For some CBD works immediately and for others it can take a few days. The key is to find your own sweet spot. It is best to start with a lower strength the like the 10% CBD starter oil. Slowly increase your dosage until you reach your desired affects.

Is it better to take CBD oil at night?

Like the dosage it really depends on the person and why you are taking CBD oil. Please talk to your CBD brand about which time of the day is best for you to take CBD oil.

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